Latina Hairstyle Trends – Oklahoma City Salons

There are plenty of hot new hair styles and up and coming color trends for Latina women who want to do something new with their hair. Take your cues from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, or Jessica Alba if you want to make sure that you’re wearing trend-setting hair. Latina locks tend to be jaw-dropping and attention-getting anyway, but if you want to make your hair stand out as unique in a crowd, while still following the latest trends below are some ways to do it.

Jennifer Lopez
Cover of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is always a good icon to follow in terms of hair and fashion. Her latest look includes long, flowing locks that have been colored to a natural, creamy caramel that complements her olive skin tone. Her long hair is always attractive whether she wears it up, down, straight, or curled. The hair color can help give body to the hair and definitely make it stand-out.

Long hair definitely provides plenty of versatility for women who like to have choices about the way they style their hair. A center part with the hair pulled back into a bun like Jessica Alba is a possibility for formal events while a whimsical updo can leave hair flowing around the face which is extremely feminine and romantic. Camilla Belle has been spied wearing her hair in a bumped up updo inspiring a new trend among Latina women.

For women who prefer slightly shorter dos, a bob is a good choice. This hair style leaves room for plenty of versatility in terms of styling and yet when left down, it can be striking and extremely flattering. Salma Hayek wears her hair in a bob with a lot of volume for a romantic look that just won’t quit. Latina women who choose this hair style can have both flexibility as well as styling options and they don’t have to contend with a voluminous head of long hair each day. Talk with your stylist about getting a hair cut that will be simple to style with a curling iron or a thick round brush to get a look that’s both attractive and easy to maintain.

And finally, if short hair is your thing, consider a curly crop like Susie Castillo or a short bob like Tatyana Ali. Tatyana wears her bob with a center part that simplifies the maintenance on this do. Cameron Diaz is another short-haired icon with a crop that she wears in a variety of different styles. The moral of the story is, whether your hair is long, medium, or short, Latina women can enjoy plenty of versatility by following in the footsteps of some of today’s Latina celebrities. Today’s Latina hair style trends are creative, fun, and full of possibility.