Jessica Simpson Style

You either love her or you don’t know her. She’s the all-American blonde princess who grew up in Texas, and brought that rich and sassy Texas attitude to Hollywood. You’ve got to give it to this bombshell beauty, she’s got a lot of staying power. She started to get noticed in 1999, and today, 11 years after, she’s got star power.

COSTA MESA, CA - DECEMBER 13: Jessica Simpson ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Her beautiful long hair has become a signature look for her, and somehow even with her experiments with other hair styles and hair lengths, nothing looks as great. It’s a young and vibrant hair style with lots of waves and texture. You can probably have this look, too. It’s very simple and won’t even require you to purchase major hair products just to get it right.

First of all, you need to have long hair (or get extensions), at least below the shoulders. Anything shorter than this won’t look as good. You need a superb hair cut. For this style, you need to get your long hair layered.

The stylist will create the look for you, but if you’re not prepared, it’s only going to last until your next shampoo. Don’t delay the shampoo because you can’t bear to lose the “look.” This would make your hair look oily. Instead follow these simple instructions:

After you shampoo your hair, air dry or blow dry until just damp, but not yet dry. Then, put some mousse, being careful not to overdo it. If you put too much of anything on your hair, it will make your hair look heavier, and it may even get itchy. At any rate, after the mousse application, allow you hair to dry.

It is best to keep your dry hair a few hours before going to the next step. This means you can shampoo the night before, then go to sleep. When you wake, you can begin to work magic on your hair.

Start by putting on a little shine serum (your stylist will have the right product or can fast order it for you, if you pay in advance), but only at the ends. This will help your hair against fly-aways. Then, with a hot curler or curling iron and using the biggest size, twirl your hair up to 2 inches from the roots. Jessica Simpson’s curls do not start from the top.

Once the curling iron has cooled a bit, gently pull it away from the hair but maintaining the curls. In other words, don’t drag down the curls or yank out the curling iron. Do this throughout.

When you’re done, spray your hair a bit then flip it over, and run your fingers through the curls gently. Your goal here is to shake the curls a bit so it gets that “Just woke up now” look that Jessica Simpson is famous for.
Bring your hair into position and tame the curls with a wide toothed comb or brush. Jessica likes to part her hair on one side, so why don’t you try it and, if you have her light baby bangs, just drape them sexily over one eye.
Finally, apply some hair spray to keep the curls in place. Hello, Jessica!

As always, consult your stylist to find the right recommendations for your hair texture, face shape, etc.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.