Jessica Alba Style

Maybe it’s her Mexican, Dutch, and French background, but Jessica Alba seems to fit in anywhere she goes. Of course, when she first started out as a 12 year old in bit parts, her hair and make-up had a tendency to be over the top. However, none of the flushed cheeks and over-blown hair is obvious today. Clearly, Jessica Alba has come a long way since then.

Jessica Alba at the 2007 Spike TV Awards
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If you talk to Jessica Alba, she would tell you that she never imagined that people would be describing her as exotic, but that’s exactly what she is, a beautiful, exotic woman. Her girl-next-door image is not the layered, country-style, come-what-may look. Rather, it’s a casualness about her hair, clothes and make-up that brings out that amazing approachable and super-likeable personality.

If one were to describe the style of Jessica Alba, it would be never contrived, welcoming, and capped off always with her trademark smile.

When it comes to hair, Jessica Alba has gone through the book, and experimented with many hair styles and hair colors in the past, but never has she looked more beautiful than today. Her affinity with highlights probably started early in her career because it has become practically her hair style trademark.

To get that Jessica Alba look, it isn’t just about the soft, long, brown curls and highlights, but also making sure that hair accessories never go over the top. It seems her preference though is for long hair – straight or wavy. Her highlight are always on the blonde side and compliment her skin tone and hair color tremendously well.

To get her hair style, you need to have the ends layered for that bouncy effect. Achieve the soft look by also layering the sides of the face to gently frame your best facial features. Unless you have naturally thick, wavy hair, you will need to use volumizing hair products to give the illusion of natural waves.

After applying the volumizing hair product (spray or mousse) on your damp hair, flip your head down, and blow dry. Then gently massage the roots to get that bouncy California girl-next-door appeal. If you want more waves, simply use your fingers to scrunch your hair as you blow dry. You can also use medium sized curling aids, but never curl up to the roots, just the middle to bottom end.

Finally, use a diffuser and hair wax to remove the frizziness. Keep in mind that less is better, so don’t go overboard with the styling products because it can weigh down your hair and make it look oily or heavy. Of course it starts with a great cut, with your goals in mind, so as always consult your stylist.

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