Is the Pob Right for You?

The bob is one of the most enduring haircuts of the last century and is still one of the most requested styles. The pixie has been popular since the late 1950’s, and has remained popular and recently has made a strong comeback. Combine the two and you get the pob. This hairstyle has the short cute look of a pixie and the versatility of the bob. Celebrities are sporting the look and here we see beautiful Katherine Heigl with a new cut and color. This style is extremely friendly to all face shapes and you can wear it like Katherine brushed back from your face and with a bit of volume, or you can wear it curled under more in the style of a traditional bob. UK

Victoria Beckham made the pob popular back in 2007 and since then it has been a popular style for celebrities and women all around the country. Victoria’s pob was more along the lines of a short graduated bob, while Katherine’s runs more tow