5 Ideas to Stay Cool This Summer – Oklahoma City Hairstyles

Summer in Oklahoma City can be hot and humid and you need a style which keeps you cool and looking great all day. Nothing is more aggravating than to spend a lot of time and effort on your hair only to have it go flat or frizz up once you get in the heat. One option is to get a short style, but if you don’t want to sacrifice your length, updos are a good choice to keep cool this summer. Here are some ideas to stay cool and look great.
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Bobs are very popular choices for short and medium length hair. They come in many varieties and offer several styling options. A fun bob is an asymmetrical cut. Longer on one side, this cut helps to soften a square face and give a round face more definition. If you’re not brave enough to have one side of your hair shorter than the other, you can achieve a similar look by pinning up one side of your hair and using a pretty hair clip to add some glamor.
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A layered bob is great for fine and thick hair. For thin hair it helps to add volume, and for thick hair a layered bob removes some of the weight and lets your natural wave pattern shine. Ask your stylist for a layered bob with or without bangs or fringe. You can style this cut straight, wavy, or put it up in hot rollers for a curly look.
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A graduated bob is a sleek and classic look. The hair is cut on an angle and is a shorter in the back and layered a bit. One of the things that makes this cut unique is the sharp angles around the face. Combine this look with a striking hair color and you’ve got an edgy and sophisticated look.

Braids are still going strong this summer. Braids are a way to keep your length and be very creative. You can wear your hair like the picture, with a braid across the hair line and the back of your hair pulled up into a braided bun. If you have long hair, have your stylist braid your hair into small plaits and then pull them back into a ponytail, or wrapped them up into a stylish bun.

A side French braid gives a simple ponytail a lot of style. This is a great look for work, a night out, or just shopping around town. To get this look, make a deep side part and pull a section of your hair to the front. Braid this section into a French braid and then gather your hair into a ponytail. Pull a small section of hair out of the pony and wrap it around the elastic and secure it with hair pins to hide the elastic.

Summer will be hot, there’s not doubt about that. You can look cool and polished with these styles. Ask your stylist for cool summer hairstyle ideas, and which products to use to keep your hair shiny and fresh.

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