How to Style Soft Sexy Curls – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Soft sexy curls are one of the hottest looks right now, and will be a hot trend in 2012. You can style soft sexy curls easily if you know the basics. First you need either a medium barrel curling iron or hot rollers. You can actually use both to really lock your curls in, but either one is fine. Next gather together a paddle brush, a barrel brush, your blow dryer, volumizing mousse, styling paste, a heat protecting product, and a medium hold hair spray, and shine spray for extra sheen.,,20174055_9,00.html
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After you shampoo and condition your hair, take a barrel brush and lift your hair up to concentrate the heat onto your roots. Run the brush and blow dryer down the hair shaft to the ends. This will give you plenty of lift and volume. Continue to blow dry your hair working on one section at a time. Next section out your hair into small areas and pin them up with a clip. Start at the nape of your neck and take random sections of your hair and curl them with your curling iron. Depending on the amount of curl you want, you can curl your entire hair shaft, or just go up half way.

Work horizontally on one section, and then vertically on the next to give your hair an unstructured look. If you use hot rollers you can use the same technique keeping the rollers from being in a line (remember random is better). After you use your curling iron, you can roll your hair up on a roller to let it cool and really set the curl. (This step is optional.) Continue until you’re done with all of the sections.

Let your hair completely cool before you try to style it or take it out of the rollers. If you don’t the curl won’t last and your time will be wasted. After hair is cool, you can now either use a paddle brush and gently brush out your curls or your fingers to fluff them up a bit. A paddle brush will give you a softer looser look, while using your fingers and some styling paste will give you a more defined look. Spray on some hairspray and shine spray and you’ll have a glorious head of soft and sexy curls.

You can wear your part on the side (deep side parts are being seen on celebrities this season) or in the middle. Another great look is to backcomb the front of your hair, smooth the top hair and clip it near the crown area to give you a bit more height.

The real secret to any great hairstyle is a great cut. Professional products will also make a huge difference in the look and feel of your hair. Ask your stylist for recommendations on the perfect cut and products to give you one of the hottest looks this year and next.