How to Style an Easy French Twist – Oklahoma City Hairdresser

A French Twist is a classic hairstyle perfect for weddings and prom. You may think it is a very hard hairstyle to do, but it is actually rather easy. You’ll need to gather a few things before you begin so they’ll be handy when you need them. All you need is a large paddle brush, hairpins, and hair spray.

  1. First use the paddle brush and back comb your hair. Take small sections and simply brush the hair near the roots toward your scalp. Do this mainly at the crown and in the back. This gives you some volume and makes the hair easier to manage.
  2. Next take the brush and brush all of your hair toward one side of your head. You want the hair to be smooth, but don’t undo all of your back combing. Once you have done this take hairpins and run a line of pins up the center of the back to hold your hair to one side. It helps if you angle the line of hairpins a bit so you’ll have an anchor for the pins which will hold your hair in the twist.
  3. Now gather your hair up like you’re going to put it up into a ponytail and grasp it with your thumb inside the ponytail and simply twist your hair up to your scalp and secure the twist with hairpins. Smooth your hair gently with the paddle brush and spray with hairspray.
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You can also leave the ends of your hair out for a bit of a different look. Bangs and a few loose tendrils framing your face are also options. If you are planning on wearing a French Twist for your wedding, hairpins with pearls or crystals add a very pretty touch. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to help you. She can give you a French Twist that is smooth and will last through your entire occasion. She will also help you to style a French Twist that will reflect your style and be the most flattering.

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