How to Style a Messy Updo – Hairstylist Oklahoma City

A messy updo is the perfect hairstyle for a night out or special occasion like a prom or wedding. What’s so great about a messy updo is there are no set rules on how to style them. There are several updo ideas you can adapt to a messy style. Basically you can take almost any updo and make it messy by not worrying too much about the structure. Of course you don’t want your hair to be flying around everywhere, but when you’re styling a messy updo don’t worry too much about getting every hair in place. This unstructured look is what makes them so feminine and soft.

To style a messy bun, apply volumizing product to towel dried hair. Nest use a large paddle brush or large barrel brush and pull your hair out away from your head and direct the stream of hot air to your roots for maximum volume. You can also up the volume by bending over and drying your hair while it is flipped over your head. If you want a curly look, use a curling iron on the ends of your hair, be sure to use a heat protecting product.

Next gather your hair up like you are going to form a ponytail and secure it with a covered elastic. (A very hot look is a low bun at the nape of your neck.) Wrap your hair around the elastic and secure it with bobby pins. Leave some of the stray hairs out and smooth your hair with a wide tooth comb or your hands. Spritz your hair with holding and shine spray and you will have a look that is both pulled together and very pretty.

You can also save time by having your stylist create the perfect messy updo for you. Book your appointment early enough in the day so that she will have time to experiment and give you the style you want. You may even want to book a practice session so that you can both have fun and try out different messy updos to find the perfect look.

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