How to Soften the Angles of a Square Face

If you have a square face your forehead is about the same width as your jawline and your jaw is very square and angular. Face shapes are generally categorized as square, round, diamond, triangle and oval. You can soften the natural angles of your square face and give it the illusion of an oval face with the right hairstyle. Jennifer Elfman is an example of a celebrity with a square shaped face. Her side part and side bangs with layers helps to soften her face. Height and roundness at the crown also help to call attention away from your jaw.

Layered cuts are perfect for a square face since they give your look movement and call attention away from your jawline. Highlights only in the top portion of your hairstyle also draw the eye up and away from your jaw. There are many hairstyles that will flatter a square face. You can wear your hair short, long or medium. Another tip is to stay away from very blunt cuts that end at your jaw and try a bit of curl under or flipped up to add softness. Ask your stylist to give you recommendations on a style that will suit your face shape and lifestyle.

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