How To Maintain Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a great look to have but only if you can take care of them properly, otherwise they could end up looking like a bird’s nest or something your mother wouldn’t dare touch.

Dreadlocks created with the two-strand twists ...
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Within the first 3 weeks after you get your dreadlocks, expect your skin and hair to be sensitive. This means you cannot wash hair daily, and should schedule a shampoo once a week, at most twice. You can resume a more frequent washing after the first month.

When cleaning your dreads, use products that do not leave residue because this kind of build-up can be difficult to eliminate easily. It will cause your hair to smell if you leave it there because it will turn to mildew. This is because with residue build-up, your dreadlocks will dry slower. Consult your stylist (Anastasia has a variety of products to help).

If you notice your dreadlocks starting to loosen up when washing, you could cover them with a nylon or net to preserve the dreads from becoming loose. When you’re done washing, avoid too much pressure when drying your hair. In fact, you could just shake off the excess water, and allow your hair to drip dry. If you’re in a hurry or the weather does not permit, towel dry and then air dry. Never tie your hair when dreads are wet because it will damage your hair. As long as you do not have residue build-up, drying the inner dreadlocks can be done naturally.

You will need to wax your dreadlocks to keep them in good condition. However, avoid over waxing. Not all dreadlocks need waxing, so talk to your stylist about your hair type. It is possible that your stylist will advice you to wax only a portion that needs it, and not the entire area. Also, your stylist will likely have a wax product they’ll recommend just for this purpose.

Never apply wax on already waxed or wet hair. Also, spread the wax between the palm of your hand so that you have better control. If you apply it directly and randomly, you could end up with more wax on one side, and hardly any on the other areas. Be sure to use a hairdryer after you apply the wax. Eventually, you will need to wax less often as your hair starts to settle into its new style.

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