How to Have Bone Straight Hair – Oklahoma City Hairdresser

You can have bone straight hair without worry of damaging your hair from the high heat of your flat iron. The secret is to have the right professional products to protect your hair. This is especially important if you have color treated hair since the act of coloring your hair changes it’s chemical make up and can leave it more vulnerable to damage and fading. One product line that offers protection and performance is Pureology’s Super Smooth System.
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Use the Super Smooth shampoo and conditioner to protect your color and give your hair the nutrients it needs to be strong. After you towel dry your hair, apply a small amount of Super Smooth SmoothingElixer. This product protects your hair from the heat of the blow dryer and the heat of a flat iron. Next section your hair into small sections with hairclips. Start on the underside of your hair near the roots and pull your hair out and under with the round brush directing the flow of the dryer onto your hair. Dry your hair section by section until it is completely dry.

To add extra protection to your hair before you flat iron it, apply a small amount of Pureology’s Super Smooth SmoothingCream. Resection your hair and start at the nape of your neck and flat iron your hair section by section. Use a heat proof comb to hold your hair to give you more control and protect your hands. Once you are done with your entire head, spritz your hair with Glossing Mist for superior shine and your hair will be healthy, shiny and gloriously straight.

Ask your stylist for recommendations for products to protect your hair from the high heat of your blow dryer and flat iron. She will be able to tell you which product are best for your hair based on the texture, style and condition of your hair.

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