How to Band Natural Hair – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

Natural hairstyles have become very popular, and with them come special care needs. Natural hair is prone to breakage, and high heat tools add to this tendency. One way to help your hair relax before you style it is to band it. Banding stretches the hair gently without heat. It is one way to protect your natural hair from damage, while making it more manageable. All you need to band your hair are good quality covered ponytail holders. Be sure to get ones that are wide enough to band your hair correctly, and have enough padding protect your hair.
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After you wash your hair and towel dry it, use a large tooth comb to detangle it, and apply a leave in conditioner. Section out your hair like you are going to do all over braids. Apply moisturizer to the first section of your hair, and place a covered ponytail holder at the base. Add more holders spacing them a half inch to one inch away from each other. Continue down the section of hair until you reach the ends. Braid the ends which are loose. Repeat this process on all sections of your hair, and let dry overnight.

In the morning you can take the bands out and style your hair. Your hair will be stretched and much easier to braid, twist, or set in flexi-rods. Banding is a great choice for children’s hair. It protects their hair from heat while making it much easier to work with. Ask your stylist for suggestions for moisturizing and conditioning products to protect and nourish your natural hair. She can also help you learn how to band your hair, and give you suggestions about styling.

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