How to Style Soft Silky Waves – Oklahoma City Hairstyles

Soft silky waves are sexy and very feminine. In a recent Tweet, Jessica Alba showed off her new ombre hair color and her signature soft silky waves. Women of all ages are wearing soft waves, and the trend of wearing short hair after 40 is a thing of the past. Now any woman can rock sexy waves no matter what her age.
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The key to having silky soft hair is moisture. Hair needs moisture and when you use a blow dryer, hot rollers, or a curling iron regularly these tools can sap the moisture out of your hair, and make it dry and brittle. Look for products which contain natural olive oil, sunflower oil, or Argan oil. These are some of the best oils for your hair since they absorb completely, and contain vitamins and antioxidants to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

To style soft waves start with a volumizing mousse in towel dried hair. Section your hair out and blow dry it gently with a large barrel brush. You can also flip your hair over your head while you bend down and blow dry the roots first to get maximum volume. When your hair is dry you have two choices; hot rollers or a curling iron. Both will give you curls and waves. To get the hottest look take random sections of your hair and alternate the direction your roll it up. One important step you can’t skip is to let your hair cool completely before you brush it. This will ensure your waves stay bouncy.

After your hair is completely cooled, use a wide paddle brush and gently brush it out. (Don’t worry, you’re not going to brush the waves out.) Next use a bit of styling paste to define the waves, spray your hair with shine spray and hairspray. Now you’ve got a full head of soft, silky, and very sexy waves. Ask your stylist for product recommendations to keep your hair moisturized and healthy looking.

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