How to Style Lea Michele’s Sexy Beach Waves – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

Just because you live in Oklahoma City doesn’t mean you can’t have sexy beach waves. Sexy waves are very popular this summer, and very easy to style. You’ll need a medium barrel curling iron, a paddle brush, a comb, dry shampoo, heat protecting spray, and hairspray. If you haven’t washed your hair the day you want to wear this style, use some dry shampoo to freshen it up. If you have just washed and dried your hair, dry shampoo will give it a lot of body and keep it from being too slick to handle.
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Part your hair down the middle, brush it out completely, and separate it into four vertical sections. Clip each section out of the way and start with the section near the nape of your neck. Divide each section into smaller ones and apply heat protecting spray on them before you curl them. Take the curling iron and start at the roots. Run it down to the tips of your hair and then roll your hair up onto the curling iron. This gives you a nice smooth finish. Continue until you curl all of the sections of your hair alternating the direction of the curls. When you get to the front of your hair, curl these sections away from your face.

Once your hair is completely cool, run your hands through your hair and fluff it. Spray your hair with hairspray and you’re done. You can wear this style like Lea’s with heavy fringe, or side swept bangs, or no bangs at all. For a different take on this style, try parting your hair in a deep side part. Ask your stylist for recommendations on the right products to use for your hair, and be sure to start with a great cut.

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