How to Get Madonna’s Super Bowl Style

Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show was a spectacular showcase of her talents. She made quite a grand entrance in an Egyptian style pageant, and continued to wow the audience with her singing and choreography. No matter if your favorite team won or not, there’s no denying Madonna looked stunning. She holds her age remarkably well and has some of the most beautiful hair in Hollywood.

You can recreate Madonna’s Super Bowl style easily with just a few steps. First you need a great cut. Have your stylist give you a slightly layered cut that falls below your shoulders. Be sure she concentrates the layers near the ends and gives you long fringe to frame your face. Next shampoo and condition your hair with your favorite volumizing and moisturizing system. Use a ceramic brush and a blow dryer to smooth your hair, and create a center part. Ceramic emits negative ions which help to minimize fly aways and frizz.

Once your hair is completely dry, spray it all over with thermal protection spray. Section your hair into 2 inch sections and use a medium barrel curling iron to add curls. You want the curls to be bouncy and even. Lift the roots with a rat tail comb, and comb out your hair with your fingers. Lastly spray with shine spray and firm hold hairspray to keep everything all together. This style works on long or medium length hair. Ask your stylist to recommend professional products to help style your hair like a celebrity and protect it from damage.

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