Hot Hairstyles for Teen Girls in 2009

Looking just right is more important to teenagers than it is to adults. If just one thing looks wrong in the target appearance, their confidence goes right out the window.

Image by bunchofpants via Flickr

Luckily, there are a plethora of low maintenance and fashionable hairstyles for teens in 2009.  So they can not only look great, but also give off whatever image they want at a moment’s notice, and without tons of forethought.

For those teens with short and curly hair, a layered shag cut is perfectly acceptable this year. These cuts can be either wild or more tame, depending on how they’re styled in the morning or that night. Adding highlights throughout the curls or at the tips contributes a whole new dimension to the look.

The bob hairstyle is as popular as ever, and there are limitless ways to wear a bob. The pixie bob is more of a rebellious style, while the blunt-cut bob is more toned down. There are bobs for curly hair, straight hair, short hair, or medium hair – it can work for any teen living any lifestyle.

Long hair is  easy for changing styles by just putting the hair up in a ponytail or brushing it into a different shape, but long hair is much more difficult for teens to maintain, so it’s a commitment that requires frequent attention.

Layered cuts work well for any teen who does not have thin hair. If her hair is thin, a blunt cut will make the hair look fuller and less wispy. But no teen can go wrong with a smoothed down style, which is easy to take care of, versatile, and always in style.

For more formal events like prom, an elegantly weaved up style is always a good choice. There are literally endless ways to have an elaborate pulled-back style, and it leaves a stunning, mature impression.

To get customized options for what hairstyle is best with your hair type and facial features, Anastasia is available for a private consultation or styling appointment. Even if you’ve never had a professional stylist do your hair before, you can have a style as beautiful as you’ve always wanted.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City.
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