Holiday Hairstyles In 10 Minutes – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

Holiday party season is upon us.  Perhaps it’s an office Christmas party, a New Year’s bash, or a festive holiday family and friends get-together; no matter where your holiday party will be, having a quick and stylish hair-do is necessary for your party.

Easy and fast waves in 10 minutes gives you plenty of time to worry about other things than your hair before your party.  Use some mousse or a product that texturizes while your hair is wet, then let it air dry or use the blowdryer if you really need to hurry.  Once dry, very lightly mist your dry hair using a lightweight hair spray and form curls in sections with a curling iron.  In order to get longer lasting waves, re-rolling the hot curled hair sections and pinning in place while they cool will insure the waves will last all night.  To help finish your look consider twisting some of the front pieces back and using trendy bobby-pins to hold it back.

dream hair
dream hair (Photo credit: desireefawn)

Fast and flashy Heidi braids are another 10 minute holiday hairstyle option.  This works best for those with long hair.  You’ll need the basic tools; comb, hair bands, bobby-pins and some light hairspray.  Part your hair down the middle.  Divide your hair into 2 separate sections (similar to loose, low pig-tails) and secure one side to have it out of the way while you work.  Gather the loose side and braid it to the end, using a hair band to secure it.  Next, braid the other section and secure so you have 2 pig-tail braids.  Get your hair pins ready and choose a side and start by pulling one of the braid, like a headband, over the top of your head.  Fasten the braid by using the hair pins.  Try to hide the pins when you secure the braid.  Repeat with the second braid from the opposite side and be sure the end tail of the second braid is tucked up under the first braid, again hair pins help hold it together.   The trick to keep the braid from popping out at the sides is to tightly braid against your head when you start.  Also, extra bobby-pins can aid in keeping it neat.  To make this festive for holiday parties, pin in some flashy and festive adornments into the braids.

Another quick 10 minute holiday hairstyle can be a faux bob.  Those who have naturally wavy hair find this style works best.  Make a loose pony tail that is secured where you want the faux bob look to show (usually at the nape of the neck).  Next, roll the loose, excess hair of the pony tail inward toward your neck so it folds under.  You want the hair band and the ends of your hair hiding to allow for added volume.  Hold in place by using bobby-pins to secure while the sides are left alone.  This will make your faux bob look more natural.  Adding a headband or glitzy pins can add to the festive look.

The 10 minute holiday hairstyles above are perfect for your upcoming parties and can save you some time when you’re deciding how you’d like to wear your hair.