Hairstyles for Thick Hair – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Thick luxurious hair can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand you have a lot of hair to work with and on the other hand, you have a lot of hair to contend with. If you get a great cut, thick hair can be gorgeous in almost any style. Layers really bring out the best in thick hair. They release some of the tension caused by your hair’s natural weight and if you have wavy or curly hair, layers bring out the natural curl patterns.

You can have a short layered cut like a pixie, a medium shag or long layers that fall below your shoulders. A bob or pageboy is equally attractive if you have straight thick hair. Wavy thick hair responds very well to a razor cut. Razor cuts give you full layers without lines and your stylist can use the razor to sculpt your hair into a stunning style. If you have thick hair it is essential you go to a stylist who knows what she is doing. Ask her for ideas and she what she suggests. A qualified stylist will be able to come up with ideas based on your hair texture, thickness, face shape and lifestyle.

One of the most attractive styles for thick hair is the shag. The shag was very popular in the 1970’s and has been the base for many attractive innovations. One of the great things about a shag is its versatility. A shag looks good on almost all face shapes since it is a bit longer in the back and frames your face with soft layers. You can wear it straightened with a flat iron, natural with waves, or use a curling iron to place curls throughout your style. If you want a longer look, have your stylist cut shorter layers in the front and on the crown of your head and longer layers down your back. This way you can style your hair in an updo or braid it to the side or down the middle of your back.

Many men have thick hair and a faux hawk or side swept layers are good choices for them. Another style for men is shorter hair on the sides and spikes on the top. Thick hair has enough volume to give this style the look you want. Use some gel or styling paste to reach new heights. If you want a more traditional look, a fade or crew cut are very good choices for men with thick hair.


Thick hair needs special care so that it does not mat up or tangle. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to keep it healthy looking and shiny. After you wash your hair use a large tooth comb to get out any tangles. Avoid using a brush until after your hair is dry. You can use a large vent or barrel brush to blow dry it, just be careful not to pull on any snags or tangles while your hair is wet and vulnerable to damage. With care and the perfect hair cut, you’ll find thick hair to be an asset and one of your best features.

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