Hairspiration for Everyone

We all know that body shape dictates clothing styles that look the most flattering on you. So it should be no surprise that the same goes for face shape and haircuts!

The four standard face shapes suggest a few hairstyles to make you look your best. Here is some “hairspiration”:

hair style photo
Photo by betsyjons

Round Faces with Long Hair: For those with longer hair, we recommend an asymmetrical cut with long layers of different lengths. This is all the rage today and can be very slimming for round faces. Emma Stone has been known to sport this lengthening look.

Round Faces with Short Hair: Ginnifer Goodwin is known for her pixie cut. Defined layers will emphasize your cheekbones and eyes, making your cheekbones stand out. Short haircuts are not for the faint of heart, but this particular style is one you can wear with confidence.

Oval Faces with Long Hair: For those with oval faces, one trend is sharp bangs. A blunt cut of the bangs and the use of a straightening iron on them will break up the length of your face and create the illusion of width. Check out Taylor Swift’s version of this hairstyle.

Square Faces with Medium Length Hair: Rachel McAdams always looks put together and classy with a funky edge. She frequently will sport a shag-like haircut that is perfectly tousled. Rocking lots of body with styling cream will help emphasize your layers, minimizing any squareness.

Heart-Shaped Faces with Short Hair: For those heart-shaped faces who wish to go for a short look like Carey Mulligan, we again recommend a pixie cut, but this time with a deep side part which places the focus on your long bangs, softening the hard angles of the heart-shape. It’s a classic style but one that will always be flattering.

Heart-Shaped Faces with Long Hair: Finally, for those with very long hair (well below the shoulders), a particularly beautiful style incorporates long, layered waves. You will want to keep some shorter layers towards the bottom half of your face and keep the wavy layers below your chin. Jessica Biel has perfected this option!

There are many more options for flattering cuts based on your face shape, but the two constants regardless of shape are to embrace your face’s angles and always style, style, style!

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