Haircare Beneath The Veil: Beauty Is Important Worldwide

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Beauty is important to women around the world, even to women who some people assume it wouldn’t be. So is personal health.

Muslim women want to look just as good as any other demographic out there, but often they must settle for having their hair cut at home or a friend’s house. Most salons do not have the appropriate accommodations to keep Muslim women comfortable while they are getting their hair done.

Under the hijab, Muslim women have beautiful hair and they want to keep it taken care of. Their hair can get dry or tangled after a couple of months and they need to make sure their hair stays healthy — no matter who sees it.

Most salons service both men and women, deterring the vast majority of Muslim women who cannot let a man see their head uncovered. There are salons out there who do not cater to Muslim women at all, because there are special considerations needed to ensure that they are comfortable and the appropriate traditions are observed. Even the chance that a man may see her uncovered head through the window can cause the devout Muslim woman quite a bit of discomfort.

There are salons out there that do have back rooms that cater to Muslim women who would like to get their hair done, but most of them provide only a dank and unprofessional backroom. In some cases the women have to stand up because there are no actual salon chairs in the back and feel like they are inconveniencing the hairstylist. Because of these factors, it is no surprise that most Muslim women just get their hair done at home. But every woman likes to look beautiful, no matter their background, and having to have your hair cut at home and only at home often doesn’t make you look your best. Hair health may go unconsidered, also, because the right conditioners may not be available to non-hairstylists.

We accommodate traditional Muslim women by offering a special back room for our clients who are worried about their privacy and want their hair styled in a comfortable environment. Call to make an appointment beforehand and we can find a good time to have your hair styled in private. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are: Every woman needs to feel beautiful and have wonderfully healthy hair.