Hair Extensions May Be Right for You

After doing some hairstyle soul searching, it’s common for women with naturally-short hair to realize that their inner desire is to flaunt longer, thicker hair. Ditching the pixie to rock some lengthier locks is a one-salon-visit reality, nowadays, thanks to the latest in hair extension technology.

hair extensions photo
Photo by Bridget Christian

The magic of hair extensions (with the help of a clever stylist) makes it possible for celebrities like Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Beckham to surprise the world, regularly, with new and different changing-length hairstyles in just over the course of a couple of days. Hair extensions go a long way for the girl-next-door because they are a quick, easy and surprisingly affordable alternative to waiting for hair to grow out.

Hair Extension Fundamentals

• Extensions are braided, glued or woven into the existing hair–stylist can even clip them in for temporarily sporting longer locks at special events.

• Adding hair extensions is a painless procedure.

• Hair as short as three inches long can qualify for extensions, although the size of your locks may be limited if your hair is less than four inches.

• Extensions add not just length, but also, volume too, which is perfect for fine, limp or thinning hair.

• Clients can also add to their new look some gentle-to-rowdy highlights or even color.

Hair Extension Care

Hair extensions need tender-loving-care just like regular hair and even more so in the warmer months. Here’s our guide on how to maintain your hair extensions throughout the year.

• First, always keep your extensions nourished and moisturized for looking ideal both day and night. You need to make sure that UV rays won’t ruin your new lock investment. Applying a silicone-coating spritz throughout the day will help to keep your extensions moisturized and hydrated, which is an absolute must when it comes to hair extension upkeep!

• No swimming pools! Getting your extensions pool-wet is a big no-no; chlorine will play absolute havoc with your extensions, and it will cause you needing to wash out the chemical several times.

• On the same note, never expose extensions to salt spray. Even though, the surf and beach wave look is stunning during the summer, using salt spray on hair extensions to mimic a sun-tanned appearance is a huge–No! The alcohol in salt spray will only dry out your extensions and cause them to become tangled and matted. Some curl enhancing, leave-in conditioner will produce the same effect without the damage!


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