Hair Cuts for Thinning Hair – Oklahoma City Salon

Thin hair is a big problem for a lot of women. It’s a problem that is best dealt with head-on with a flattering hair cut that will bring out the most in every single strand of hair you’ve got. Making the hair look thicker is tricky business, but if you don’t deny that you have a problem but instead try to bring out the best in your locks, you’ll be able to cope with your losses better. Of course, if you hair is thinning or falling out, it’s important that you see a doctor to find out if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. If your thin hair is just a part of your life though and not indicative of deeper health issues, then you need to make a visit to a talented stylist rather than a health professional. Even thin hair can look sexy with the right hair cut!

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Before you head to the salon to get your hair cut, think about how much time you’re willing to devote to your hair every day. Some hair styles for thinning hair require more daily maintenance to reap their benefits than others. If you’re not interested in spending a lot of time preening, you need to let your stylist know. On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend time styling your hair each day, other hair cut options might be worthy of your attention.

Adding curl to the hair can make it look more voluminous. A hair cut that includes few or no layers is best with the length falling just past the shoulders can give the look of fullness and bounce if that’s what you’re after. A few dedicated moments with some curlers or a curling iron can help you get the look of volume back in your hair. Part it at the side for a more modern appearance that you’ll definitely love.

If shoulder-length hair just isn’t your thing, consider going with a bob. A cut with blunt ends can help your hair look thicker. Once again, it’s best to leave out the layers if you’re trying to make your hair look thicker. Side bangs, however, are not off-limits and in fact, some face framing hair can add interest, style, and a nice shape to a bob cut. If you’re wanting something that won’t require a lot of time to style each day, the bob may be a good option for you. Part the hair on the side to add interest to the do. Use a curling iron or straightening iron and some salon-grade styling products to make your hair look shiny. By heat styling your hair in this way and using the right hair care products, your hair will look smooth and healthy.