4 Great Hairstyles for Mid-length Hair – Oklahoma City

If you have mid length hair, leaving them open at all times can be a little monotonous and boring. Luckily, there are different many different hairstyles that suit mid length hair and are easy to make. By trying to create these hairstyles on a regular basis, you can create the perfect hairstyles within a few minutes before leaving the house. Some of these amazing and easy to make hairstyles are described below:


One of the very popular looks for women and girls with mid length hair is the ponytail. You just pull back all your hair and tie it into a tight ponytail. It only looks glamorous and stylish but is also easy to make. You can even see celebrities wearing the ponytail to red carpet events. If you want to create a smooth and ultra-straight ponytail, it is best to straighten your hair first.

If you want waves in the pony tail, you still need to iron your hair from the top to the center so that the crown appears neat and tidy. A ponytail can be both formal and informal depending on the way you make it, which accessories you choose, and the dress you are wearing. With a little practice, you can learn to make the perfect ponytail at home within a few minutes.

Partial ponytail:

This is also a very popular hairdo nowadays where you pull up the hair from the crown of your head and tie it into a ponytail. If you want to create a more formal look with this hairstyle, you can try your hand a little back combing to give your hair more body and get the perfect look. With some decorative accessories, you can get the perfect formal hairdo for a formal event. If you want to soften the effect, you can let a few strands of hair loose from the front or add a little flick or even fringes for a stylish touch.


A wavy hairstyle looks great on mid length hair. You can curl your hair all the way from the top to bottom, or only curl the bottom half of your hair. If you want to keep your hair permanently wavy, it is a great idea to get some layers into your hairstyle. Make sure that you get some good hair styling products to keep your curls smooth and shiny at all times. Frizzy curls not only look bad but are also an indication of unhealthy hair, so if you have frizzy curls it is best to ask your hair stylist about tips to take care of them.


Straight hair is a great hit for all hair lengths as it is stylish and easy to attain. You can either get your hair permanently straightened through hair treatments such as hair re-bonding, or invest into a good flat iron.  Talk to your hairstylist and ask him about the re-bonding procedure so that you can make a proper decision. With straight hair, you can always add a fancy pin to the side or wear a fancy hairband to create the perfect formal look.