Gettting A Jump-Start On Fall Hair Trends

There’s something about the end of summer that makes us want to call our stylist and set an appointment before the fall festivities begin.

Let’s see now, we got the Halloween bash, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year all lumped into one season.

Last year, we talked about autumn’s lazy-girl texture fad; well, this fall is a whole new ball game, and we stylist are totally psyched.

short hair photoGeo-Shaped Hair

Big bold shapes and eccentric lines will engulf super-clean, blunt cuts across the board this autumn.

We expect women with natural-textured hair next season to seek some awe-inspiring, triangular shapes or blunt fringes with eye-catching contours.

HINT: Geo-shapes work best on curly and wavy hair because the stylist can easily mold the loose texture into different geometric shapes and sizes with distinct sharp edges.

The Smooth Lob

The pros have revamped the lob into a more shiny, smooth and sexy look for the fall season.

This cut comes off an intentional trend, labeled by most as “the new long.” It’s contemporary and nonchalant while still holding the sexiness that extended layers offer.

Smooth lob owners will need to keep a high shine on the mane and to control any flyways. So, low-maintenance folks may want to look elsewhere if post-appointment hair care is not their thing.

The Gatsby-Bob

Short hair is poised to make a comeback. A 2016 Gatsby is a cheekbone-length crop for the “It Girl,” which can be sported on many textures.

With inspiration from the classic ’20s woman, today’s Gatsby is worn in natural, wavy texture with a mischievous tousle to entice the onlookers.

One thing to note here, this bob may take a while to grow out — so, be sure it’ll work for you before your stylist starts the cut.

Enhanced, Textured Layers

Longer locks 2.0 include adding some texture-enhancing layers. Stylists this fall will be offering framed layers all around the front of the mane, which produces a lot of movement.

Owning versatile layers allow folks to wear them as they like, whether its girl-next-door, night-on-the-town or OMG-I-slept-in look, the sky’s the limit.

Another perk textured layers can offer is that they will assist in delivering fullness to the top of the mane — which is great for the fine-textured person who is looking for some extra liveliness in her hair.


No, this is not the 1984 Grace Jones high fade; what we’re saying, here, is that a lot of brave and vogue women this fall will be making a really big statement by adding height to their hair.

However, healthy hair is a “must” for risqué folk wanting to step into high-hair terrain. This means no chemically treated locks allowed because creating height will require some precision cutting into the sides and edges.

Hence, hair must be in super-healthy good condition, as broken ends will most-likely yield a messy and undefined stature.

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