Get Your Own Rock Star Hair Style – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

A variety of different motives may lead you to consider a rock star style. Perhaps you’re the lead singer in a band, or the lead guitarist perhaps. Or maybe you’ve decided that the pretty girl style you’ve been wearing around doesn’t really fit your personality anymore. Or perhaps you’re getting married in March and you want to make a big impression on your guests. Whatever the reason, there are a few rules to follow if you’re hoping to create a truly unique rock star look.

rock and roll party queen
rock and roll party queen (Photo credit: marimoon)

Rock star hair can be long, short, or medium, thick or thin, but there are some important characteristics of rock star hair that you have to follow to get that edgy, head-turning look that people will really remember. First of all, spurn the “natural” look. Go for big and loud. That means you’ll probably need to incorporate some color into your new do and expect to spend some extra time fixing your hair each day.

If you have long hair, tease your hair to give it extra volume. In fact, bigger is definitely better, so tease it a lot. Use a curling iron to create loose, spiraling curls in your dry locks. And whatever you do, avoid being subtle. Every piece of hair should look like you meant for it to be exactly the way it is.

Shorter hair needs to look edgy, rather than soft and feminine. Soft, gentle layers are for country singers and musicians. Get razor-cut layers if you want to be a rock star (or at least look like one). Choppy, intensely defined layers are striking and unforgettable. Make sure they’re cut to flatter your features though. Talk with your stylist to determine the best lengths for each layer. Blunt cut bangs may be appropriate if they flatter your face shape. You can use special styling products to really bring out the wow factor of a razor cut rock star style.

And finally, don’t forget the color. As far as rock star hair is concerned, your best bet is something that stands out and expresses self-confidence. The key is to end with a look that appears utterly intentional. Even though purple or neon green may not be for you, a super bright blonde, or deep blackish blue color may be all you need to get the attention of onlookers. If blocks of color don’t feel right to you, consider coloring your hair so that surprising hues show through every now and then. Combine color with a bold new hair cut that is both flattering as well as striking to finish out your rock star look. Use color in creative ways to express yourself if you want an attention-grabbing rock star style.