Four Pro-Hacks For Creating Thick Hair Impressions

Why do we always desire the things we can’t have?

Think about for a sec … those with thin hair yearn for thicker locks, though folks who own thick manes crave thinner strands when styling.

Out of the two mentioned above, it seems that people with fine strands own the foremost hair troubles, only because their locks are either super smooth, very thin or mega comatose.

Well, if you’re in the latter category, you can breathe a little easier because while a pro-stylist can’t alter your hair’s natural texture, he or she can make your tresses look thicker than they really are.

This week, let’s talk about the four “DOs” for folks with fine locks: dupe-cutting, dupe-coloring, pre-styling, and dupe-styling; all fixes that provide people with thin hair something that they actually CAN HAVE.

glamorous photoDupe-Cutting

Stylists create illusions all time on thin hair, and it all begins with a simple trim. Here, your professional will attempt to maintain as much weight as possible on the existing locks to give them a fuller voluminous impression.

Your cut should own a sturdy base line and possess some flawless, sharp edges. Just remember that there is no layering on cuts for thin hair, since it’s hard to obtain styling volume when the mane is layered too short.

Nevertheless, you can still go petite; adding some product to super-short, fine hair creates superfluous texture and height illusions as well.


Hair tone selection also swindles people into believing that the locks are naturally thick. However, this doesn’t mean that you should perform an all-in-one coloring job, which will actually remove texture on fine hair and flatten the mane’s appearance.

Here, what we’re talking about is including a few dim plates or low lights to the hue to assist in creating extra depth and dimension.

For example, darker flaxen hues throughout a blonde mane will make those one-color tresses appear multi-dimensional and especially thick.


Believe it or not, vintage Velcro rollers work wonders on thin hair texture. What these pre-styling tools do is they lift up the mane’s roots before any styling action takes place.

And so, your stylist will most likely enfold your top locks with rollers while the hair is damp. Once the mane is semi-dry, the rollers come off, and the tresses will be set in an elevated position for adding more volume later.

The pros also use pre-styling conditioning products and reverse shampoo procedures to get the hair ready for some extra volume; hence, volumizing occurs long before you even leave the washing table.


Pre-styling fine hair makes hot tool application much easier for the professional. It gives those large round brushes, styling wands and blow dryers some extra power in creating even more volume then if the locks were just cut and colored.

Styling fine hair is all about creating volume with hot air at the roots and lifting the strands before applying other hot tools. Bear in mind that styling wands and irons offer those with thin hair some subtle curls and delicate waves for most-desired movement.

Finally, a blast of cool air sets in place the other previously mentioned “DOs” for an absolute facade of thicker hair.

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