Formal But Not Too Formal Hair Styles for a Semi-Formal Event – Oklahoma City Salon

It can be remarkably humiliating to choose the wrong hair style for a formal or semi-formal event, which is why many women go to the salon to make sure they get it right. Going too casual with your hair can dress down a very respectable evening gown. Hair that’s too formal can make you look a little foolish too. Figuring out the right balance for your hair at a formal or semi-formal event can make or break your overall appearance, but don’t worry, there are styles that can make you look elegant and yet not overdone at any event. Rather than take your chances, go to the salon to get hair that will last through the duration of your semi-formal or formal bash.

English: This is a photo of a French twist usi...
English: This is a photo of a French twist using one of byrd designs original hair accessories. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good way to keep your hair within safe boundaries at an event that requires special attention for your hair is to pull some of the hair up and leave the rest of it down. A few elegant tendrils can help give your hair a very balanced formal, yet relaxed look. But don’t overdo it. Discuss the event with your stylist to come up with a do that will keep this balanced formal-but-balanced appeal.

Braids have made a come-back recently in a big way. There are a variety of different types of braids that can give your hair a slightly different textural finish. Not only are braids done at the back of the head, but the trend is for the hair to be braided in innovative ways. For example,, a braid can be done that looks like a headband sitting just above the hairline. The front half of the hair can also be braided around to the back of the head in an attractive sweeping line that is both sophisticated and yet fun.

For something simpler and yet just as eye-catching, a half-French twist can satisfy your need for something formal and yet not too formal. Shoulder-length hair is perfect for this do because it isn’t too heavy after the style has been fastened in place. Leaving some of the hair flowing free to keep the half-French twist from over-doing it on the big day. The hair that’s left out of the twist can be styled in any number of different ways. Your stylist could curl it or crimp it, or straighten it depending on your tastes.

And finally, if braids or French twists don’t interest you, then you might want to go retro with pinned curls or do something more playful like a spiked bun. Both of these looks can take some finesse to pull off so don’t be shy about having your stylist make them happen before the big bash. Elegantly pinned curls bring out the best in any woman. Spiky buns, in contrast, are just plain fun and flirty. Both are perfect for medium-length locks and if you have them done by your stylist, should fulfill the need for something semi-formal.