For the Modern Dad Even Little Girl Hairstyling is a Go

Every parent loves their child, and are willing to do almost anything for them. But the following story really caught my attention because it’s about a dad who is willing to go the extra mile for his little girl. I guess the days when men were uninvolved parents is long gone, and some guys really deserve kudos for what they are willing to undergo for their kids.

little girl french braid photo
Photo by amberdegrace

Most Mom’s know how difficult styling a little girl’s hair really is. You have to get your  little one to sit still long enough, but are also under stringent scrutiny. That hairstyle has to be just right otherwise you will be the brunt of a serious emotional outburst.

For little girls, it’s often not enough to brush their hair out. I remember mine was so adamant about having the perfect braid that she often ran over to the neighbor’s to get her hair done. She found a solution quickly- and it wasn’t with Mommy.

Colorado based single dad Greg Wickherst faced the same situation; how was he going to fix his daughter’s hair. He felt at a loss when it came to even basic hairstyles for his 3 year old daughter Izzy.

Most guys, like most moms would just give up, running to their favorite hairstylist for a short bob solution. But not Greg, he decided to go to cosmetology school to learn to style his daughter’s hair.

Ok, Ok, so he didn’t have to go far. After all he worked as an admissions rep at a technical school with a cosmetology department. Still you got to hand it to the guy for wanting to go as far as this just to help his daughter.

During a summer term he asked students to help him master a few hairstyles that both he and his daughter would love.

Quickly he learned to fashion a simple braid, a fishbone braid and then even the difficult French braid. Today he can even do the inverted ponytail.

What little girl wouldn’t love this guy as their dad? I wish I had had one like this when I was little. What fun we would have had.

Greg’s advice to other single parents. Enjoy everything about parenting, even hairstyling and diapers. Remember, it all goes away so quickly, so enjoy it while you can.

We don’t all have time to become cosmetologists, but there’s one in Oklahoma City that can make your little girl look just as sweet. Contact Anastasia.