Flip It for Spring – Oklahoma City Hairstyles

What hairstyle gives you extra body and volume almost effortlessly? What hairstyle is workable for short, medium, and long hair? It’s the flip. While not really technically a hairstyle, it is more of a way to take a deep side part to the next level. The trick is to style your hair as you normally do, then take your hair to one side and flip it. What you’ll get is a very pretty look which is more casual and sexy than a traditional part.

One way to get the most volume is to bend over and blow dry your hair while it is flipped over your head. Concentrate the blow dryer stream onto your roots. When your hair is almost dry stand up and flip your hair back in place. What you’ll get is lots of volume and texture. (This works best with medium to long hair.) You can also use a curling iron to form a flip. Curl your hair like you normally would, and then flip it into a side part. Take the curling iron and just curl near the roots at the flip. This also adds lots of volume.

Use root booster, styling paste, volumizing mousse, or gel to help add volume. Hairspray applied near the roots, and then using your fingers to lift the hair, will give you more control and help keep your flip where you want it. So have fun and give your hair a flip. This is one of the hottest new trends for spring, and works on all but very short hair.

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