Five Good Rules For Pulling Off A Trendy Haircut at Work

There are a lot of professional male clients out there who would like to know if a hip haircut would work for them at the office. Naturally, only the client themselves can know for sure if they can sport a voguish-quiff hairstyle at work.

So, we thought it would be good this week to lay down a few pro-stylist rules for deciding on when a trendy style would be the way to go at the office:

haircut photo
1) Talk to your supervisor

You should always seek your boss’ advice before you go bald or show up to work in a stylish mohawk, just to make sure that your new look would be appropriate. Your supervisor might say “no problem,” then you’d be good to go; but it’s always best to get consent from the big guy (or woman) first rather than deal with the disapproving consequences later.

2) Remember your age

We all want to stay young to keep our edge, and there are a lot of haircuts that can make a man look a lot younger. However, remember not to try too hard to look like Justin Beiber. A David Beckham contemporary mohawk may look good on a twenty-five-year-old guy, but a man who is fifty would need a lot of courage to show up with this modern cut at the office.

3) Check out the office norms

How are your coworkers dressed? If the hairstyle you desire is way out there in “left field” from regular workplace attire, you may want to think twice before heading to the salon –unless, of course, you’re one of those lone wolves looking to stand out in the pack. Just be sure to choose your new look with care, so that your colleagues at work won’t be too uncomfortable to have you around them.

4) Think about your customers

Those who interact with customers regularly or whose job requires them to intermingle with the public, must reflect on how their new voguish cut will be accepted by patrons. I can assure you that there aren’t too many old-school doctors out there who would feel comfortable placing their pharmaceutical orders with a salesman sporting a rock-star style with long tresses.

5) Don’t give up on going trendy

Even if you know that the cut you want won’t slide at the workplace, choose a hairstyle that can go both ways. A man with great locks can easily pull off a short cut with layers that can be combed neatly at work, and with the help of some gel, can be transformed into some cool styles for hitting the town on the weekends.


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