Finding the Right Hair Cut for an Oval-Shaped Face – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

While the right hair cut for your face shape can do wonders for your look, the wrong hair cut can serious detract from your image. That’s why it’s so important to consider the shape of your face when you decide how you’re going to get your hair done. Of course, there are other considerations that you’ll have to take into account as well. The texture of your hair, its length, and how much time you’re willing to invest in fixing it each day can also factor into your decision. But finding the right hair cut for your face shape is a good place to start if you’re looking for a new look. You can start by taking a look at Jennifer Aniston’s hair, if you want to see a celebrity with an oval face shape who wears her hair well.

Jennifer Aniston at the He's Just Not That Int...
Jennifer Aniston at the He’s Just Not That Into You premiere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The oval face shape is one of the most versatile in terms of hair. It looks good with a lot of different styles. However, there are still some hair cuts that can have an elongating effect on an oval face shape. You definitely want to avoid these. Instead, stick with styles that complement your facial features. Though most hair styles are going to look pretty good on your oval face shape, the question is, which ones are the best?

It doesn’t really matter whether you have long hair or a shorter style, you’ll still want your hair to be cut with layers that linger near the chin, lips, or cheekbones. Aim to cut that topmost layer to land in the vicinity of a facial feature you’d really like to highlight. If you have great cheeks, make sure one of your layers is cut cheek length. If you love your lips, then that layer should be lip-length and so on and so forth.

Another thing to consider, regardless of the length of your hair is whether or not a hair cut is going to “weigh the face down”. Essentially, if you have super long hair that drops straight down on either side of your oval-shaped face, the eye will be drawn downward. That means that your face is going to appear to be longer than it really is, which can be unattractive. By cutting layers into your hair to break up those lines on either side of your face, you’ll get a more attractive finish. It may even be wise to cut the hair so that it’s longer in the back than in the front. Slightly shorter hair up front can help make your face look younger and less tired.

As you search for the perfect hair cut for your oval face, make sure that you avoid dated hairstyles. Dated styles can make you look old-ish. And be sure that you work with your hair texture, not against it. Curly hair and thin hair requires a different approach.