Figure Out the Perfect Bangs/Fringe for Your Face

Having bangs or a fringe can really make a lot of difference to your look. The wrong kind of bangs and fringe can make you look overweight and older than you really are. However, the right kind of bangs can have the opposite effect – they make you look much younger and give a slimming effect to your face. Believe it or not, there is a perfect type of bangs for every face type. If you still haven’t figured out the best style of bangs for you, given below are some suggestions based on face shape.

hair bangs photo
Photo by Helga Weber

Oval Faces: Oval is usually the easiest face shape for bangs and almost every type of bangs or fringe look good on an oval face. So if your face shape is oval, you are lucky and can pull off any style. However, the best and the trendiest type of bangs for an oval face is the straight across blunt fringe. You might want to give it a try and see how it turns out.

Round Faces: If you have a round face, the side swept bangs will work best for you. Many people with round faces also opt for straight across bangs and they can work as well. You might be better off talking to your stylist about the two options and discussing their pros and cons before choosing one. The side swept bangs definitely offer a better look, but they are also harder to style. So if you choose to go with this option, make sure you learn how to style them and which hair products to use.

Square Faces: Side swept bangs look good on square faces as well, but they have to be much longer than what you’d get for a round face. This way the bangs frame your face, reducing the width to some extent. Arched bangs are another great option for this face type.

Oblong Faces: With oblong faces, your best option is long bangs that skim the eye. Both straight and arched bangs work well for this type, but make sure you get a lot of layering done to your hair to complement the bangs.

Heart Faces: The simplest looks – straight across or long side swept bangs – are usually best for this face shape. Make sure that you use the right volumizing product to achieve the perfect look.

Triangular Faces: With a triangle face, you don’t want straight bangs as they will add to the length of the face. Your best bet is going for long, side swept bangs.

Remember, you need to experiment and try a few options out before you can find the perfect type of bangs for your face. Another thing that makes a lot of difference to your bangs is highlights. If you go for highlights, the layers and bangs are more prominently defined and create a more glamorous look when your hair is styled. This is especially true if you have dark hair. Bangs and layers are not so prominent in dark hair and you need to put in some highlights to get the look you were hoping for when you choose a celebrity style to replicate.

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