Feathered Hair for a Full Fledged 1980’s Look – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

The feathered hair look came in in the 1970’s, but became widely popular in the 1980’s among both men and women. A number of 1980’s looks have become popular again recently and some women have capitalized on this look and made it their own in today’s world. Getting your hair to have the Farah Fawcett appearance isn’t easy. You need the right hair cut and the right tools to do the job, but if you succeed at creating a feathered appearance to the hair that is both whimsical and romantic, it will be undeniably sexy.

Farah Fawcett
Farah Fawcett (Photo credit: bernie.levine (new year, new beginning))

Normally, feathered hair was cut so that is was long on either side of the head. In most cases, the hair was long enough to cover the ears, although in some instances it could be as long as shoulder length. The hair was not layered, but rather brushed back at the sides using a special technique that gave it a feathery appearance like that of a bird. Feathered hair could be parted at the side or in the center to achieve a desirable look.

Today’s feathered hair styles are usually done on medium length hair which can make it more manageable. Creating a feathered appearance can take some practice and a lot of hair spray to keep the style in place. Using a curling iron, the hair is curled backward away from the face and then, after the iron is removed, the hair is brush back carefully and gently and then immediately sprayed in place with hair spray. Over-spraying the feathered locks can give the hair a sticky, heavy appearance. In contrast, under-spraying can cause the feathered hair to wilt and slowly lose shape over time.

Figuring out how long to curl the hair, the type and size of curling iron to use to achieve the look you’re after and the right hair styling products for your hair type can take some time. It takes some finesse to pull off the look without creating a mess of the final product. Talk with your stylist about getting your hair cut the right length for what you hope to achieve with your style and then ask about recommended products that will hold your hair in place without weighing the hair down too much.

Though feathered hair isn’t hot this season on the runways, it can still be your signature look. This is a unique style that will stand out amidst the crowd. Combining this look with the punked out hair colors available today could add some spice to final product. Just be prepared to spend plenty of time on your feathered hair each day. This is definitely a high-maintenance look that won’t maintain itself without a time commitment on your part.