The Fearless Cut Guide To Owning Shorter Hair

Exploring short haircuts can be either enjoyable and exciting…or totally frightening. Most people fall into the second group because they’ve owned their long hair for like…forever.

We’re here this week to take the terror out of the chop by discussing some “fearless short cuts” that are notably undersized, but carry off the perks of their longer-haired version.

More importantly, these cuts can offer women the same sexy, alluring, and edgy feeling that accompanies fantastic long haircuts.

Now, some may not be ready to take the plunge. But let’s face it — when you’re ready, you’re ready— and if this sounds like you, read on about how to handle big chops with ease.

Fearless short cuts defined…

A “fearless short cut” isn’t what you own but only shorter.

Instead, it’s a skillfully chosen style that harmonizes with your current design. It’s also a cut that offers you the power to remake yourself everyday.

The holy trinity of short cuts…

Stylist discovered years ago that chopping fears arise from taking massive leaps from long hair to short hair. To ease this pain, we needed to discover an entryway answer into the realm of short styles.

Hence, the pros established three fundamental cuts—the bob, the short bob and the lob—which opened the door to a variety of chic-cluster styles and eliminated the fear of going under the scissors.

Actress, Jennifer Lawrence, streamlined the A-line bob after using the design to transition from long to short effortlessly between films. If you recall, in 2012, she flaunted some extra-long, chunky layers.

Sometimes, layers can trap women into keeping their long hair because the locks look terrific, and they’re so easy to style.

The A-line bob is a cut that simply lifts up the length so that the bottom layers reside closer to the shorter ones.

This design gives the bob a well-built edge, and allows A-line flaunters to keep most of a long-layer’s “fringe benefits” with an added plus of going for the messy, lived-in look whenever duty calls.

short hair photoShort Bob:  Blunt

If sleek, lengthy hair is your thing, you can pull off the same allure by going for a blunt bob with a strong fringe.

Silky hair is an eye-catching ornament in long hair mode, and blunt bobs, by and large, carry on this arresting feature.

Think about how Taylor Swift uses her bob-and-fringe as a hair accessory rather than a haircut, and you’ll kind of get an idea of what we’re talking about, here.

Lob:  Short-Layered or Shaggy

Are you still afraid of the chop? Don’t worry, let’s see how the classic lob segues into a fearless short cut.

A lob is both a haircut and a design, all in one. The cut provides a means for all lob holders to style their hair any way they please (ponytail or bun); and the short-layered version of this cut is no different.

Short-layered lob owners can wear their locks wavy via air-drying or silky-straight with some hot tool assistance. These lobs can also transform complicated texture into more pliable hair by length and density dispensation.

Likewise, the shag version offers folks lots of movement and shape, which is what people with long-layered cuts yearn for.

Most of a short-shag’s movement will hail from the addition of side-swept bangs; just be sure that your stylist thins the bangs slightly enough so that they part on the side impeccably.

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