Easy Summer Styles for Kids

Summer means fun at the beach, extra playtime outside and time in the pool. The last thing you want is to have to fuss with a complicated hairstyle for your child. Kids are impatient and will get squirmy if you try to force them to stay still while you try to style their hair. Why not visit your stylist and get an easy to care for summer cut for your young girl or boy.

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Image by iwantamonkey via Flickr

Girl’s Cuts

There are many choices when it comes to carefree kid’s cuts. Bobs are a popular cut for little girls. Just look at celebrity kids such as Matilda Ledger, Suri Cruise and Leni Klum. Both of these little beauties look feminine and stylish with their shoulder length bobs and blunt bangs. Easy to care for and classic, the bob has been a favorite with girls for many years. Short ear length pixie cuts are another choice for little girls. Your stylist can even leave it a bit longer on the sides so that the natural curls come out and frame your daughter’s face.

Boy’s Cuts

Young boys are not exempt this summer from sporting stylish cuts. Maddox Jolie-Pitt looks cool and punk in his signature mohawk. If punker styles are not your choice, a short layered cut will carry your son through summer and into the fall. You can have your stylist clipper cut the sides and leave the top longer so that your son can apply gel and spike the top or brush it forward. There are many styles that will be easy to care for yet give your little man style.

Stylist Knows Best

The main thing to remember is that your kids want to look good but have the freedom to be kids. Don’t tie yourself and them up this summer with hard to maintain hairstyles. Visit your stylist today and let her suggest the style and cut that would be the best for your child’s hair and lifestyle.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.