Is Layered or Single-Length Right for You?

Layered or all one length? Your face and hair thickness determine which is right for you.

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Having to choose between a layered or single-length hairstyle can be more difficult than anticipated. When you walk into a salon there are so many choices you can make that you might not even care about whether it’s layered or single-length, but it’s important that you know which kind it is and what your hair thickness is.

Layering can add a whole new dimension to your look if you know what type of hair you have.

Those with thin hair should never go with a layered hair style. Layering thin hair can make it look like you barely have any hair, or even that you’re possibly balding. Thin hair is best cut in single-length styles to give the impression that you have more hair and there are several styles to accommodate wispy and thinner hair. Always remember the golden rule: Thin hair never makes for a good layered hairstyle.

Thick or coarse hair is great for layered hairstyles. Thick hair is great of layering because there is so much to work with and the way it rests causes the hair to pile on itself, making layers look extravagant if done right. Coarse hair is essentially the same way, but since it’s coarse the hair tends to cling to itself more it has a lot of body. On the other hand, curly or wavy thick hair can look fantastic when layered and flows perfectly, but it’s difficult to find a style that works just right with your individual type of curly or wavy hair.

When choosing between layered or single-length styles you also must keep in mind your face shape. There are layered styles than can work with any almost face shape, but for heart-shaped faces single-length styles are the way to go. A good bob hairstyle on a heart-shaped face can look as glamorous as a more complicated style on other face shapes.

If you’re not sure whether a single-length or layered cut is for you, call and see when I’m available to give you a consultation. Once you know what type is best for you, you’re only one step away from the look you truly desire.