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Curly hair can be a challenge in any weather, but during the summer it can be even more of a challenge. Curly hair has a tendency to frizz and increase in volume as the humidity rises. It is usually very thick and can be quite uncomfortable when the temperature goes up. All of these drawbacks aside, curly hair is one of the most beautiful types of hair texture and with the right products and techniques you can have soft, luxurious curly hair that withstands almost any weather.

Anti-frizz sprays and serums are the answer to taming curly hair. Use them after you wash your hair to keep your curls soft and manageable. Mousse and gels are great if you want more definition to your curls and give you the wet look which is popular. To keep your curly hair back from your face wear a pretty hairband. You can also pull your curly hair up into an updo or half up do for special occasions. Avoid brushing your curly hair and use a wide tooth comb or pick to reduce frizz.
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Alex Kingston, who plays the character River Song on Dr. Who, has naturally curly hair that is very lovely styled in a long layered cut. Layers bring out the wave and curls in your hair and help to control excess volume than styles which are one length. You can use a curling iron to bring out more definition and control the curl if you like.
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Ethnic hair needs special care to keep it healthy looking and protect it from breakage. Use conditioning treatments and products made for your hair type and texture to keep your hair moisturized and manageable. Curly ethnic hair looks great short, medium or long. Here we have a short curly style that looks natural and is very flattering.
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If you prefer your hair a medium length, you can have your stylist cut the crown shorter and leave the nape long. This gives you the look of a shag but makes the most of your natural curls. Bangs will also give you another variation. Use a flat iron to get your bangs to lie flat and pull them to one side for a very chic look.

No matter how you wear your curly hair, your stylist can recommend professional products to keep your hair from frizzing and protect it from damage. Start with a great cut, use your imagination and have fun experimenting with curly hairstyles for summer.

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