Cross over to the short side – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

The ultimate rebel of what’s cool with hair at the moment, Rihanna at the MTV Video Music awards, was rocking an androgynous black pixie cut. Whether you emulate Rihanna’s dark pixie or a boy meets girl crop, there is a similar cut and colour for your face type and hair texture this fall.

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If you’re no stranger to a drastic haircut, you’ll love this pixie cut, it brings out big eyes, high cheekbones and a long neckline. Take the plunge and chop off your locks, but before you do think about what pixie style will suit your face.

Any shaped face can pull off a pixie cut, especially if you’re petite or have amazing bone structure. Girls with an oval face can look great with any pixie; however tell your hairdresser a pixie with a short fringe and lots of volume.

For all you heart shaped faces, keep the pieces around the curved heart part of your face short to maintain balance.

Ladies with round shaped faces – you need to keep the sides shorter and the top longer. For the longer faces, keep the top short and the sides longer. As with any haircut you’ll need to get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks, letting it grow, even a little will make a pixie cut look messy. For the best looks in colour stick to one block colour, this will make it really pop.

Having a pixie cut says you’re bold, sassy and versatile; you can have a different look daily. There’s not one super product to style short hair, there are many. Try using a product that creates a soft style with movement and not ‘I just got out of the shower look’. If you’re wanting ‘stand up power’ for spiky hair, look for a gel. Put a little on your fingertips and rub it together to heat it up then grab your pieces from the top and coat them with the gel on your fingertips.

There is no wrong way to do up a properly cut pixie.

Try a styling wax, spray or solid. The spray can be used to give volume to the roots while the solid can be used like a gel to give a spiky style. Smoothing cream will give your hair the sleek look. Put the cream in while hair is damp then run it through and style as usual.

The pixie cut is timeless, think a young Mia Farrow or Twiggy, they make you look younger and frankly more intelligent, and obviously you spend less time in the bathroom.