The Contemporary Hair Color Crazes for 2016

The results are in…let’s check out what were the most requested hues at salons throughout the nation this year…

Opal Hair

Opal hair is what happens when you mix trendy gray hair with the rainbow hues. This new craze in hair color draws inspiration from the ocean, as the mermaid-color appears pearl-white at first glimpse but changes in shade the longer you stare at it. Opal hair is a fantasy of hues—girly pastels that can rock out at the office with opal stone and glistening pinks, blues, and purples, all in just one color. Imagine leaning forward to flaunt more pink, and turning backward to give an onlooker more greenish eye-candy.


Ronze is a mixture of copper-red and bronz-brown tones; but take note, not all Ronzes are alike. Your colorist will recognize what Ronze version will look the best on you. In general, dark skin tones need deep Ronze hues to flatter the complexion. Medium skin tones will call for more blondish-Ronze colors to warm up their image, and pale skin tones should aim for brighter shades like copper-auburn undertones.

dip-dye hair photo
Photo by chambrayandcurls


Dip-dyed hairstyles are a really big deal in 2016 because today’s women are keen on bleaching their locks with pastels or bights. This tells us stylists that dip-dye hairstyles will be one of the hottest hair trends in the upcoming seasons. The year 2016 refreshes dip-dye shades with champagne kisses of platinum blonde, just like the hair color Gwen Stefani sported during the MTV’s VMA awards. This sun-kissed feel is really the best way to go for women with light skin who wish to take on an avant-garde makeover.

purple hair photo
Photo by gdiazfor


Eggplant has been around for years, and 2016 has this shade moving into the spotlight again. Deep eggplant hues are perfect for women with dark hair who wish to follow a 2016 trend without having to drift far from their natural hair color. Eggplant tones also eliminate the common concern of having to pay a lot of money to remove a complicated, extreme color because eggplant hues genuinely complement brunette tresses as the color naturally fades.

Platinum Blonde

This 2016 tone is an interesting hair color choice for women with fleshy-skin undertones; it’s also a perfect tone for natural blondes who were once light-haired but finally went darker. Now, most folks believe that platinum blonde is a rather dreary and unclean tone that needs some cheering up; however, nowadays, women who flaunt this style possess a handful of options–balayage, ombre, platinum with dark roots, platinum pixie-cut or silver bettie–that can cease this old myth.

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