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Short hairstyles for women are fun and flattering. You have several different choices when you want to go short, and this coming spring is the time to take the plunge. If you’ve ever wanted to change up your look and try something different now is the time. Short hair looks great on almost everyone from young girls to women over 50. Here are some of the hottest styles coming up for Spring.
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Bobs are still in style and there are many different cuts to choose from. This very trendy bob Rhianna is wearing tapers to a longer length from the nape of the neck to the chin. The deep side part and face framing jagged layers are very flattering for women who have round faces. Bobs can be worn straight wavy, with curls, with or without bangs. Asymmetrical bobs are also popular as well as severely angled bobs with thick straight fringe.

The pixie is another classic short hair style which has been popular since the early 20th Century. Originally made popular by the “flappers” of the 1920’s the pixie has gone through many evolutions since its introduction. Annette Benning’s textured pixie is one example of how you can style this classic cut. You can also wear it straight or slicked back in the trendy wet look. Pixies work best with straight or wavy hair, and it is a fun and chic look for women of all ages.
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Don’t forget the impact of color. Hair color has so many options now that you can create your own look with the help of your stylist. In this picture by Goldwell Color, the rich purple adds depth and impact. Red is still the most popular color for the spring, with platinum blonde, and deep chestnut coming in second and third. Ask your stylist for suggestions for a color that will create a dramatic change and give you a whole new look.
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Angles can give even a basic short cut a trendy look. This really cute cut works perfectly for straight hair. The angles give is some movement and keep it from being boring. Angled bangs soften square and triangle shaped faces. They add some asymmetrical interest and roundness to the face. Your stylist can add angles to almost any short cut. Ask her to angle your bangs for a current and chic look for spring.
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This year is the year of the natural curl. Men and women are discovering the freedom of working with, instead of against, their hair’s natural curl patterns. Don’t think you can’t have a cute short cut if you have curly hair. Find a stylist who is experienced cutting curly hair, and she can give you your choice of looks. The key to keeping curly hair looking great is moisture. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, and a light leave in conditioner each time you shampoo. Argan oil is perfect for curly hair. It absorbs into the hair shaft and doesn’t leave your hair feeling or looking greasy.

If you’re looking for a new style for next season, why not ask your stylist about a short cut? She can help you find one that is just right for your personal style, time commitment, and face shape. Short hair is sexy and a great look for spring. Ask your stylist for the best hair care and styling products to keep your hair healthy looking and easy to manage.

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