Celebrity Styles in 2009

2008 was marked by a very fashion-forward trend – the classic bob – which celebrities wore in various lengths. Fans of the bob craze include fashion icons Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and even Anna Wintour herself. This season takes it further with going even shorter in length – in comes the cropped and pixie bob. At the same time, making a fashion statement can involve doing the exact opposite, with long grown-out hair, like Isla Fisher in her Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Here is a quick look at which hair trends to expect from celebrities this season:

Cropped bobs, Pixie Cuts and Fringes: The usual chin-length bob is replaced by bobs with a twist, such as english supermodel Agyness Deyn’s short, sculpted bob with straight-cut bangs and Halle Berry’s fave style, the pixie cut which Victoria Beckham also gave a try. Bobs are as much preferred this season as it was last year, only this time, expect a lot of people – not only celebrities – to wear this type of ‘do.

Messy, Textured, Bed Hair: Trend-setter Kate Moss sets the standard texture this season, with her messy, peroxide-blonde, shoulder-length bob which was very visible on most designers’ runways. Last season saw a lot of structured hairstyles, while this season features a more sexy, natural texture for hair. The style has the hair looking like it’s free of any hair product- very au naturel – something like look you have when you get up from bed in the morning.

Loose, Mermaid Waves: On the other end of the extremely short cuts are flowing, feminine hair. The mermaid hair style channels the 1940’s glam look and gets a subtle update with side partitions popular on the runway and with celebrities. Reality TV star Lauren Conrad is rarely seen in any other hairstyle and supermodel Miranda Kerr just looks even more beautiful with her flowing,wavy locks. Even Sarah Jessica Parker wore her hair in loose waves at the Oscars.

Expect more celebrities to go for long hair to make a definitive statement in a sea of short bobs. Katie Holmes already had extensions put in her hair just in time for husband Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie premiere in Tokyo.

Classic Style for Men: Men’s hair trends right now takes their cue from classic glamour, bringing back the clean, slicked-back look worn by George Clooney on the red carpet. Variations of the classic slick-back are solely about length. Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick wears his hair with the length reaching the lower back of his nape.

Fringed, Short Cut: A continuing trend for men this season is last year’s very popular heavy fringe. As with the classic slick-back, variations are all about the length of the fringe. The back and the sides are still kept short and out-of-the-way. An update on this look is to have the fringe evenly scattered on the forehead instead of the side-swept style a lot of celebs wore last year.

Take your pick from the upcoming celebrity hair trends, and strut the streets with a new look. Whether it be short and sassy or flowy and feminine, a new style is a perfect way of welcoming the new season. You don’t have to look like Beckham or Clooney to look like Beckham or Clooney. A little style and a lot of you is the formula for a cool combination.