Celebrity Hair Styles That Changed the World

We may hate to admit it, but celebrities have a big influence on the way we wear our hair. Let’s face it, it’s easy to imagine ourselves in hair styles that we see on the big screen (or the small screen for that matter). A great celebrity hair cut can make a previously unpopular (or only somewhat popular) do into the latest and greatest trend. That’s what happened recently when Anne Hathaway got an attractive pixie cut for her role in Les Miserables. Women everywhere sat up and took notice and decided to give a pixie cut a try.

Anne Hathaway
Cover of Anne Hathaway

Not all hair styles that hit the big screen are able to wow women enough that they actually go the salon and ask for the same look. It’s hard to say whether it’s the celebrity herself or the hair that makes the big impression on women. Jennifer Aniston’s hair has always garnered a lot of attention and followers. Her newsworthy locks have been mimicked by women throughout the United States. And Audrey Hepburn hair in Charade has always been worthy of disciples. Something about it makes other women want to go bold and do it too.

Edgy hair cuts, though attention-getting don’t necessarily get women to follow suit. Rather, hair cuts that are remarkably flattering on the celebrity and able to resonate with the times seem to be the ones that women tend to desire the most. Sometimes, the trends hit the celebrity circuit first. The pixie cut is actually a great example of this. Miley Cyrus and Maggie Gyllenhaal both sport the low-maintenance hair style as well as Ginnifer Goodwin. Anne Hathaway ended up with the popular pixie cut after her Les Miserables role required her to wear a bowl-cut. She needed a graceful way to transition out of this hair style. Who knew that women everywhere would envy the new cut.

Audrey Hepburn
Cover of Audrey Hepburn

It can be frightening to go ahead and chop the hair short and hope for the best, but more and more women are opting for these styles that require little maintenance. If you talk with your stylist, you could get a pixie cut that will grow out with little or no discomfort and even enjoy the various transitions from super-short to medium-length hair and beyond. Coming up with a transitioning plan may be enough to give you the courage to go for it. After all, hair does grow back in time. A pixie cut is bold and eye-catching, but strangely attractive. It can give women the opportunity to grow through various lengths and looks rather than wearing the same old style for eons. Michelle Williams is currently growing out her super-short hair proving to women everywhere that it can be done.