Carmen Electra Hair

Born in 1972, Carmen Electra may be known to you as the one-time wife of Dennis Rodman, Playboy bunny several times over, Baywatch babe, or the Carmen in reality series Carmen & Dave. Whichever image sticks, there’s one common element in all – her amazing hair and the many ways she knows how to dress it up.

Electra on February 28, 2006.
Image via Wikipedia

The amazing part is that with every new hair style, she seems to re-invent herself into someone more exciting. Take for instance her hair color. Carmen Electra has probably run the gamut of light to dark hair, blonde to dark brown, and each hair color seems to look incredible. Of course, a personal favorite of many stylists would be the light brown with highlights that seems to bring out her incredible eyes.

Carmen Electra has also gone from straight to wavy, and then, to curly long locks. Each look is runway perfect, making her look completely in control of her looks. Of course, the highlights have become a signature look for her, no matter what the hair color is.

Another signature look for this bombshell beauty is the pulled back hair style. You will rarely see her with her hair not pulled away from her face, showing her extreme confidence. Whether pulled up in a chignon, or long and loose, she will always use her hair to highlight her face, and not the other way around.

Her 2010 look is on the medium brown side with the expected highlights and soft curls. Her one faux pas around June 2009, was her messy rocker look with raccoon eyes. Not a pretty sight at all. However, that’s all in the past, and it looks like she’s got ‘it’ back. She’s wearing a formal hair style and an amazing ponytail with curls galore. She is even trying soft bangs for a really pleasant hair change.

Carmen Electra turns heads everywhere she goes. If you want a similar style and don’t have long hair, no need to wait, you can get extensions.

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