Can Your Stylist Create Dreadlocks? – Oklahoma City Stylist

Though it is possible to get your hair ready to make  dreadlocks on your own, but the process may be easier and more successful if you visit your stylist. However, you can’t just visit any to get dreads. You’ll need to find one that is familiar with the process and one who has experience with different hair types. Don’t just assume that every stylist knows how to make dreadlocks. Instead, interview a potential stylist about the process they intend to use to create your new look.

English: making dreadlocks (third step:hairwax...
English: making dreadlocks (third step:hairwax) Deutsch: Dreadlocks machen (dritter Schritt:Haarwax) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s important that you have the right type of hair if you want dreadlocks. Unfortunately, very fine, straight hair doesn’t lend itself to terrific dreadlocks and you may simply have to abandon the plan if you have this type of hair. Indeed, super curly caucasion hair isn’t the best choice for dreadlocks either. Visit a stylist who is well-versed in the development of dreads and ask what he or she thinks of your hair in dreads. If they don’t recommend it, you can seek a second opinion or give up on the project.

If, however, you have the right type of hair, you need to know that every salon has a slightly different method to starting the dreadlock process. Ask to see some of the stylist’s work in before and after pictures to make sure that the final product is exactly what you have in mind. Dreadlocks are a big commitment and you want to make sure you’re really getting what you want!

A number of salons will do a “dread perm” which involves wrapping the strands of hair in rods or curlers and then using a chemical solution to coax the hair into dreadlocks. Although this is a perfectly acceptable way to get dreads, a lot of people simply can’t afford this method which runs between $200 and $300. Furthermore, like all types of perms, the chemical solution may damage your hair, especially if it isn’t  done correctly. If you do get the perm, you’ll need to learn the proper technique for maintaining your dreadlocks, or the hair will simply grow out.

Many people feel that dreadlocks are not just a hair style but a lifestyle. It takes time to maintain dreadlocks and although it is possible to get perms or even extensions to create an instant look of dreads, you’ll still need to carefully maintain the dreadlocks to keep them looking good. Of course, instead of trying to use chemicals to get the dreads you want, you could always ask your stylist to have them use a natural method to create them. In this case, the overall cost is less and the results will be less damaging to your hair.