Bobs don’t have to be boring!

Bobs are popular, but they don’t have to be boring. The classic bob can be a stylish alternative.

circa 1926
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The bob hairstyle has really been making a comeback in the past few years and it seems like every woman and her mother is jumping on the bob-wagon. But just because there are so many bobs out there in the world right now doesn’t mean that you can’t make a bob to fit the style just right for you.

The bob cut’s own versatility makes it fit with any face shape and hair style.

For example, if your face happens to be a little round, then getting it cut to down below your chin is best, while if your face happens to be a little longer than most you can keep the bob at eye-level to minimize the length of your face. No matter what your face shape, there is a bob hairstyle out there for you.

Keep in mind when deciding on the bob hairstyle as your new look is that with some mousse or wax you can do anything with it. The styling is simply not over once you walk out of the salon.

You can mold a bob hairstyle to any situation and it holds up well to any any type of hair. With a bob you can be wild one day and conservative