Why Brunettes Can Have Fun Too

Most women–at least those not living in Northern Europe — have some variety of brown hair, so if you own brunette locks, you are in the majority.

brunette photoSometimes brunettes refer to their hair color as, “Boring Brown,” but we pro stylist know that brown hair is anything but “blah.”

Let’s take a look at why being a brunette is cool.

The color opportunities are endless…

Brunettes do not need to go blonde or red to appear lively; the brown hues already possess many color opportunities.

For instance:

You can intensify brunette hair with affluent auburn tones.
Adding golden highlights flaunts the “bronde” look.
Today’s in-crowd-brunette goes ombre—which starts with an attractive, dark ascent at the roots and gently gets lighter to golden hues at the ends.

Perform touch-ups at home…

The nice thing about brown hair is you can easily color roots at home as they grow out, which is great for the gal on a budget. At-home hair color kits have come a long way where one can now do their own single-process highlighting or touch up on their own. A good rule of thumb is never to go more than two shades lighter than your natural shade; just remember that a bad at-home color job will take a professional colorist two or three salon visits to correct.

Brunettes can own highlights too…

Most clients think that only blondes can add highlights–myth! Highlights can complement brunettes just as much as they do blondes. Face-framing is the pro-technique, here, where the change in tones sweeps across the face. Brunette face-framing can be obsequious, or the colorist may go for just adding dimension to the tresses via highlights and lowlights.

Balayage for hitting the town…

Big city brunettes sport their balayage across town; there is a one-in-five chance that a New York City/LA brunette flaunts the color at work or in the nightlife. The best thing about balayage is the colorist spreads these natural-looking tones across the hair, which allows the locks to grow out more brilliantly than foil coloring permits.

Brunette hair and the mature woman…

Some folks erroneously believe that hair should get lighter with age, which is why we see so many mature women go blonde; but not all women look spectacular with golden locks. The older woman should think “multi-tonal” shades, if their skin tone doesn’t match well with blonde hair. This means coloring the tresses dark and adding caramel or reddish-brown highlights to the base. Keep in mind–natural brunette hair that is two tones lighter usually takes a few years off the overall image.


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