Bridal Hair Styles That Add to Your Special Day – Oklahoma City Bridal Salons

Your wedding day is unlike any other day in your life: past, present or even future. There is plenty to celebrate amidst all the seriousness. It just makes sense to choose a different hair style to mark the occasion. After all, you don’t get married every day so why should you wear the same, everyday hairstyle? Whether you have short hair, long hair, or your hair length is somewhere in between, you can find a hair style that works for you.

Ideas for Long Hair

The Bridesmaids' Gauntlet, Revisited
The Bridesmaids’ Gauntlet, Revisited (Photo credit: kiddharma)Ideas for Long Hair

When it comes to long hair, you have a lot to work with when choosing a wedding day hair style. By talking with your hair stylist about your ideas for your wedding, what your dress looks like and the atmosphere, such as romantic, elegant or playful, that you want to be remembered on that day, the two of you will be able to come up with many ideas.. For a romantic feel on this most romantic of days, for example, you might decide to have flowers interwoven throughout your hair, starting at your temples and working their way along your head.

Half Up, Half Down

The half up, half down hair style is popular among brides who have hair that is about shoulder length and longer. It often conjures up a sweet, carefree and romantic feeling. Because part of your hair is swept away from your face, the structure of your face is accentuated. This hair style also lends itself to many different accessories. One idea is to use a vintage hair pin to pull the hair back, leaving tendrils that can be curled hanging down. Another possibility is to attach a crown of flowers or a tiara to your head.

Loads of Possibility with Short Hair

If you have short hair, your facial structure and natural beauty are already being emphasized. Your stylist can add a lot of texture to your hair by putting in curls or small waves. if your hair is normally straight. If you have hair that has a natural wave, asking your hair stylist to straighten it on your wedding day gives you a sleek and elegant look.

Add to the fun and excitement of your wedding day by choosing a hair style that takes your unique personality into account. time and inspiration, as well as some hair tools, you can have a hair style that emphasizes your best features.  With just a little bit of