Big Hair Equals Big Style – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

Big hair is still in style this season and will be for some time. One of the great things about big hair is it plays well with curly and wavy hair that is thick. But if you have thin or short hair, you can still have big hair with human hair extensions placed professionally by your stylist. At the 2011 VMA Awards Adele wore her hair styled in a very pretty and feminine style. If you like this style, you can get it in a few easy steps.
Daily Venus Diva

After you shampoo your hair with a volumizing system, apply root booster, and blow dry it. Use a large barrel brush and pull your hair up away from your scalp drawing the blow dryer and brush along the hair shaft. It is easier to handle if you section your hair out first. Another easy way to get mega-volume is to blow dry your hair upside down. Simply bend over and flip your hair over your head, and concentrate the blow dryer’s airstream on your roots.

Once your hair is dry, use large hot rollers all over to give you curl and more volume. Let your hair cool completely and take the rollers out. Next with a natural bristly paddle brush, gently brush your hair out. Create a part from one ear to the other and backcomb the back section of your hair. The more you backcomb, the more volume you will achieve. Once you have the back of your hair backcombed, gently smooth the top layer of hair. Next make a deep side part and with hairspray pull the sides out and define the curls with a curling iron. If you need to, you can backcomb the front and sides a bit, too. Spray the entire style with hairspray and you’ll have a beautiful head of full and gorgeous hair.

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