Beyonce Furthers the Short Hair Trend – OKC Hairstylist

Though initially gleaning mixed reactions from fans, Beyonce’s new pixie cut style has definitely gotten a lot of attention. Her once long and flowing locks have been severely trimmed into something much more trendy, which has led some to speculate that the new do with create waves in the popular culture. To go from really long hair to really short hair is a pretty shocking change, but Beyonce seems to be enjoying the buzz. And word on the street is that other women are likely to go for it and chop long hair into similarly striking do’s.

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Some have compared Beyonce’s new look to Jennifer Aniston’s trend setting hair style claiming that it’s likely to inspire other women to go short. But Beyonce isn’t the only one who’s taken the risk and lopped off the lion’s mane. Anne Hathaway made waves when she cut her lovely locks and so did Miley Cyrus. Though Miley has perhaps gotten fewer rave reviews for her hair than Anne Hathaway, no one can deny that these stars are finally showing their real stuff. Short hair seems to garner a lot of attention along a feminist vein. Rather than turning heads for sex appeal, these stars are using the shock treatment to make the news.

The fact is, a pixie cut is amazingly versatile and though the hair is short, there are a number of different styles that women can choose from to keep things interesting. Side swept bangs offer a great look for formal evenings while pinning the bangs back can give women a more fun-loving and playful look. Slick the hair over the head or spike it up into a Miley Cyrus punk style. The options are limitless if you find a good stylist to give you a cut that will work with your face shape and offer plenty of styling options.

If you’re ready to take your chances on a shorter style, now is the time. The pixie cut is definitely the way to go and women are being encouraged to be fearless and enjoy the freedom that short hair has to offer. It can definitely take less time to style short hair every day and keeping it looking good is also a lot easier than working with a super-long mane. Though long hair will probably never go out of style completely, shorter hairstyles can be really flattering if they’re cut to fit a woman’s face shape and maintained well. Beyonce, Lena Dunham, Anne Hathaway, and Miley Cyrus are demostrating to women everywhere how to make short hair sexy. It seems probable that we’ll be seeing a lot more pixie cuts on the streets now that Beyonce has joined the bandwagon.