Be Beautiful with a Modern Beehive

The beehive has been popular since the 1960’s. Your grandmother probably went to the salon each week to get her hair washed, set and styled to maintain this sky high do. As blow dryers and a more natural look became popular, beehives were saved for special occasions or for royalty. Through the years the look has gone through some changes, but the signature height and style are still hallmarks of the elegant updo.
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The history of the beehive is interesting. It was developed by Margaret Vinci Heldt after a Fez hat she had when Modern Salon Magazine asked her to design a hairdo that would reflect the upcoming 1960’s. Some of the more memorable beehives of the past include Audrey Hepburn’s look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the character Yoeman Janice Rice of the original Star Trek TV series wore a beehive that included an intricate basket weave piece in the front, Flo from the TV series Alice sported a huge beehive to match her outrageous personality, and the female singers of the B-52’s, a popular New Wave band of the 1980’s, wore sky high beehives.
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Today the beehive is an elegant updo for brides and special occasions and is worn by celebrities like Snooki and Amy Winehouse as their signature look. This is one hairstyle that women either love or hate. Half-updos are also popular with a small beehive that can be worn with our without bangs with some curls in the back for length. You can have a modern beehive with your stylist’s help. The style is a bit hard to do on your own so it is wise to enlist the help of your stylist who has the tools and knowledge to make you look your best and keep your hair up where it belongs.

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